cosmetic for middle age women

Cosmetic Tips for Middle Age Women

Appearance determines our confidence. But as we grow old, the elasticity and regenerative ability of the skin degrade. Cosmetic products do not help as they used to be. And we even need to be careful with cosmetics because our skin may not be able to tolerate them anymore.

For instance, aged skin tends to lose its moisture. Therefore, you should stop using face powder products as the powder can absorb moisture and worsen the dryness. Also, not all facial cleansers are suitable for dry skin, especially the ones with alcohol. Dark eyeliners might be a bold statement when we were young. But once we reach the forties, dark makeup will only make us look older than we are.

There are many cosmetic mistakes that women make in their forties. And here, we are going to prevent those mistakes.

The Right Moisturizer

moisturizer for the skinThe skin needs the right moisturizer as dryness has become a serious issue. Moreover, skin elasticity is also affected by the moisture of the skin. Dry skin tends to have more wrinkles and lines than if it is well-moisturized.

Most moisturizers have SPF (Sun Protection Factor) substance in them. SPF is the ability for the moisturizer to create a protective layer on the skin so that Ultraviolet from the sun does not damage the skin. Moisturizer with SPF 30 is suitable if you occasionally go outside during the day. SPF 50 is recommended if you spend time under the sun for more than three hours.

Sunlight is also a factor in skin aging. People who intensely expose their skin to the sunlight have a higher chance to suffer from early skin aging signs. We do need the sun to stay healthy since vitamin D can only be produced by the body if we get the sun exposure. But we should control the intensity and not overdo it.

Applying More Blush

natural makeup that blends inThe rosy color on the cheeks brings back the youth to your look. Most middle age women think that a blush cosmetic is a product restricted to the youngsters. But the reality is the exact opposite.

However, a bright color blush is inappropriate. You do not want your cheeks to stand out too much if compared to the rest of your skin color. What you need instead is the neutral color that can blend in nicely with your facial skin.

Just Enough Concealer

You may think that concealer is your best option to hide the wrinkles and lines around the eye area. The truth is that if you over apply the concealer, the color can highlight your aging skin. The best way to blend concealer with the skin is by using a fingertip. It can spread the cosmetic evenly and avoid thick piles.

More Collagen for the Skin

an illustration of women and agingCollagen is the growth nourishment for the skin. When we were young, our body produces collagen naturally. But as we age, the less we can get it. You can have collagen from moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and facial masks.

Just in case your skin shows any signs of allergy, stop the treatment immediately. It is even better if you consult a dermatologist before choosing the right collagen products because some of them have been reported to irritate sensitive skin.

Vitamin E and C Supplements

Besides the topical treatments, you should also maintain the skin health from the inside. Vitamin E promotes growth in skin cells, and vitamin C rejuvenates your health.

Consuming supplements can be more efficient than if you are trying to get the nutrients from natural sources. For instance, you need to eat at least two kilos of tomatoes or oranges to get 1000 mg of vitamin C. And for the Vitamin E, you have to drink around ten spoons of Canola oil to reach the same amount that a vitamin pill contains.…