reaching forty with beauty

To both men and woman, age is the ultimate enemy of beauty. Cells can no longer regenerate as fast as they used to be. Wrinkles and lines start to appear everywhere on our body. And the muscular shape has become more difficult to maintain than before. Human’s health and appearance are destined to decline. And the condition becomes more severe after we reach forty.

Some women experience menopause as soon as their fortieth birthday. Some others have it later. As the body stops the production of estrogen, the female hormone, the feminine features are gradually disappearing. The concept of beauty will no longer be the same.

To men, the impact of aging may not be as damaging as it is to women. Male’s body produces testosterone until it dies. But enlarging waistline, hair loss, and saggy skin, and age spots are still happening.

Although the anatomy of men is different from women, they share similarities that allow anti-aging treatments to apply to both. And this article is dedicated to discussing those treatments.

The Diet

nourishing the skin As we age, our body reverts to its demanding condition, which is like our early stage of growth. But instead of using all the nutrition to regenerate new cells, our body is struggling just to survive. And once again in our lifespan, the role of what we eat takes the primary influence on our health and appearance.

Fibers are vital to people in their middle age. Eating fruits and veggies should be done piously. Skipping those foods for more than three days can lead to constipation and digestion problems. And if there is something wrong with your guts, you cannot expect to look pretty on the outside.

When it deals with protein, you should also take extra attention than if you are still in your twenties to thirties. Protein requires kidneys to work hard. Artificial sources like shakes and pills may not be processed very well in the body. But the natural protein comes with cholesterol and fats, which can lead to weight gain. The solution is that to diversify your protein intakes with meat, tofu, beans, and mushrooms.

The Habits

maintaining beauty through exerciseSun is the enemy of the aging skin. Reduce the intensity of sun exposure if you do not want wrinkles, age spots, and lines to appear. Applying sunscreen gives only a little protection so it would be best to wear long shirts and pants to protect the skin.

If you still smoke, forty will be the age for you to stop the habit. People may tell you that it would be too late, but being late is better than never. Smoker’s lungs are tainted with Tar and other chemicals that harm the pulmonary cells.

Your body needs oxygen to survive. And you get the oxygen from processing the air you inhale in the lungs. If those organs are damaged, your body will not be able to absorb the nutrition, and all other organs will get negatively affected.

Smoking prevents you from having radiant skin. The habit also accelerates the aging process more than fifty folds of its original speed. Smokers look older than non-smokers.

Skin Treatments

There are many skin rejuvenation treatments these days. Some of them repair the body from the inside, and some others from the outside. Cosmetic surgery is known to provide the best solution for aging. Ranging from fillers, botox, to dermabrasion, anti-aging treatments today have become affordable and consequence-free.

But if not accompanied with healthy habits, cosmetic surgery will only give small impact to one’s appearance. Even if the result may seem satisfying, it will not stay long. More and more operations will be needed, and that will be a wasteful and painful necessity, right?


an aging woman illustrationFighting aging-signs require a holistic approach to beauty. Maintaining health must be the primary target, and cosmetics should be complementary. Supplements and cosmetic procedures will not give the intended results if you do not keep a healthy lifestyle. Supports from the loved ones and family are also vital in the process. You cannot be a beautiful person if you are surrounded by toxic people.