perfect dress for a prom

A Guide to Choosing the Best Prom Dress

The school has finished, and the graduation party is the only thing that matters. Wearing the best dress has never been this important. Mediocrity is unacceptable because the prom only happens once in a lifetime. So, how can you get an outstanding look?

Planning Ahead

a well prepared promThe ugly truth about wearing a dress is that no one size fits all. That all-size tag you see on shirts. It is only a myth and would be a terrible concept if you apply it when you choose a prom dress. It does not matter how expensive the dress is, size adjustment is a must in order to get the perfect fit look.

Also, you need to listen to your skin. Among all materials of the dress, choose the one that will be least likely to cause discomfort and irritation. You are going to wear your dress for at least four hours. If air cannot circulate through the fabric well, you will end up being sweaty. And it will surely ruin your look.

Choosing the right fabric requires time. And it should be done at least one month before the due date.

Choosing the Fabrics

the best dress for a prom nightThere are many types of dress fabric. The most popular ones are satin, tulle, and silk. All of them are lightweight, nice for layers, flowing, and sheer.

Satin gives a shiny and matte look to the dress. It is good if you want to highlight your youthfulness and cheerfulness. Satin is good to keep the body temperature cool. But that feature can also be its weakness. You won’t choose the fabric if you can quickly get cold. Moreover, a satin dress can be complicated to clean. Professional dry cleaning is the only method that can keep the glimmer and smoothness of the fabric.

Tulle fabric resembles lace, which can give a grown-up lady impression if you wear it as a dress. It is also a high-end material that can give you an elegant look. But a tulle dress can be costly.

Silk fabric gives the shimmering look of satin, but it can retain shape better. Silk dress defines body curve well. And if you choose to own the dress instead of renting it, silk is an easy to maintain material. Hand-wash them with mild detergent and water and the dress can look brand new.

Matching the Dress with Your Face and Shape

looking for a perfect fitThe aesthetic principle of choosing a dress is that the dress must compensate the prominent figure of one’s appearance. For instance, a V-shape neckline dress can bring balance to a person with round face. As for an oval-shaped face, a round neckline will look beautiful and fit.

For the body shape, the same rule applies. Hourglass body will look fit if the dress accentuates the curve. Lean women need a dress that can bring out the curve. Pear-shaped women must wear a dress that can draw attention to the upper parts. Neck embellishments can do the trick. The beauty lies on the bust and the hips. Those are where the curve should look prominent.…